Pet Grooming In Cleveland, Tn


Pet owners in Cleveland, TN… pet grooming is important to your pet’s health. Have you ever gone a month without a bath or shower? No way! You would never go that long without personal hygiene, so why should your pet go that long without grooming? 

Pets, especially dogs, need to be bathed, have haircuts, and get their nails trimmed frequently to keep your pet in top health, maintain a healthy coat and skin, keep nails from becoming ingrown. Grooming and bathing can remove fleas & ticks and our groomer can spot health problems.

Dogs, and cats to a lesser extent, need to be bathed regularly (as frequently as once every two weeks to a month) to avoid skin conditions and unhealthy hair coats. Dirty skin can lead to skin infections, ear infections and foul odors. Hot spots and other lesions, severe matting, and not to mention shedding, can be avoided with a regular trip to the groomer. In Cleveland, TN, pet grooming during our hot and humid summers is very important.

Appalachian Animal Clinic’s Pet Parlor grooming services can include:

At Appalachian Animal Clinic, we provide the pets of Cleveland grooming services to keep your pets and you happy and healthy. Appointments are required. Call 479-4760 to make a grooming appointment. A well-groomed pet is a healthy & happy pet! 

Your pets have our full attention from start to finish – allowing us to be more tolerant, give more love and pats and be observant to skin/coat changes. As an added bonus, you can also book your specialty cuts – such as a puppy or lion cut - or have your cat groomed with a unique look.

Meet Your Cleveland, TN Pet Groomers

Welcome Mychaela Withrow as our new Groomer! Mychaela is quickly proving that she is invaluable member of our team and is excited to provide a one-on-one grooming experience, to ensure maximum attention on your pet in a calming environment. 

Mychaela is not a stranger to most of you as she has been in our team for two years as a Bather and Groomer apprentice. She has several fur family members at home - Marshall, Foofers, Mr. Jingles and a new puppy on the way. She is passionate about your fur family members and seeing that they are loved as her own.

Chris, our long-term Groomer, has been promoted to Hospital Manager and you can still see her at Appalachian Animal Clinic as she manages all aspects of our hospital operations.  Chris will also oversee Mychaela and ensure the transition of grooming services is seamless on you and your pets!